We can return your fine antiques to their former glory. We have the experience and the wisdom to know if refinishing or just cleaning and refurbishing is the right choice for your treasured heirlooms.

Family Heirlooms

Furniture Rescue is a family owned and run business. We understand the special meaning and memories held in those pieces that have lasted through the generations and managed to stay in the family. There is nothing we enjoy more than bringing Grandmas Rocking chair back to life for a new generation of babies in the family. Thanksgiving around the old family dining room table or just that odd piece that grandpa made or fixed with baling wire. It is a connection to the past. To your family, and to history itself. People are sometimes hesitant to bring these pieces in. "I know it isn't valuable, but it is priceless to me!" There is nothing more valuable than something that brings you joy. We will give it the special attention it deserves. Babies on the way! Means this is a priority job for us!!

Chair repairing is a big part of what we do, from

re-gluing wobbly chairs to replacing missing or severely broken parts.

We offer Re-Weaving of Machine and Hand Caning,Danish Cord, Splint, and Rush.

This service is not currently avaliable

We use the highest quality materials to produce beautiful easy to care for finishes that will let the natural glow of the wood shine through and withstand years of use.

Every spring we help people get ready for summer by sanding and re oiling their quality teak furniture. Let us put you on the calendar for next year.

Commercial Services

In many cases we can do repairs right on your jobsite or office. Touch up on Doors, Cabinetry, Furniture Mill Work, Desks, Counters, Railings, Moldings, etc. Specializing in Trade damage and Office refurbishing


If you have had the misfortune to suffer a loss due to fire, water or moving damage. We can restore even the most hopeless cases with care and sensitivity. Don't lose those pieces that are most precious to you. We will work with your insurance company to make the process as easy as possible for you.

On site touch up can be a good way to keep your office looking professional. Complete refinishing of executive desks and conference tables are available when necessary. We can repair your file drawer slides and replace the mechanisms in your office chairs.


Don't let that expensive executive chair sit in the storage room. We can replace mechanisms and castors.

Guest room touch up and refurbishing of wood furnishing. Armoire and furniture remodeling, Laminate top installation, General Furniture repairs